Advanced/Beginner 420 (Ages 12 ‐ 15)

This course is for older and larger sailors who are new to sailing, or younger sailors with some experience but who are new to the 420. The course includes basics of rigging a 420, basic boat handling, seamanship (knots, weather, etc.), sportsmanship, and water safety.
The goals of this class are to:
‐ be able to rig and de‐rig a 420
‐ know how to capsize and recover
‐ know the points of sail
‐ be able to safely sail your boat with 2 people
‐ be able to steer and trim the sail properly
‐ be able to leave the dock and return
‐ treat the person you are sailing with respect
‐ be able to trim the jib properly
‐ be able to tack and gybe safely
‐ know basic rules and safety
‐ know how to tie knots

Weekly Sessions: Monday ‐ Friday | 9am ‐ 3pm

The Shark River Sailing and Science Academy is the new educational program presented by The Friends of the Belmar Harbor which is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization which promotes the health and vitality of the Shark River Bay.


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