Adventure Sailing (Ages 11 ‐ 14)

This program is designed for the sailors who love sailing and want to be on the water but aren’t necessarily interested in racing. Adventure Sailing includes sailing several different types of boats including; 420s, JY 15s, O’Pen Bics, along with using our stand‐up paddleboards and kayaks, and much more. 
The goals of this class are to:​
‐ have fun
‐ get comfortable being in and around the water in a variety of boats
‐ know the points of sail ‐ be able to steer and trim sails properly
‐ be able to leave the dock and return
‐ be able to capsize and recover ‐ know the basic rules and safety
‐ know how to tie knots (page 51)
‐ learn the local geography and waterways

Weekly Session: Monday ‐ Friday | 9am ‐ 3pm