Beginner Optimist (Ages 8 ‐11)

This course will teach the basics of rigging a boat, basic boat handling, sailing fundamentals, seamanship (knots, weather, etc.), sportsmanship, and water safety. Instruction is done in Optimists with two sailors/boat.
The goals of this class are to:
‐ be able to rig and de‐rig an Optimist
‐ know the points of sail
‐ be able to label all the parts of the boat
‐ be comfortable steering the boat and trimming the sail
‐ be able to leave the dock and return
‐ be able to tack and gybe safely
‐ be able to capsize and recover
‐ know starboard vs. port and windward vs. leeward
‐ know how to tie knots (figure‐8, square, bowline)

One Week Sessions: Monday ‐ Friday | 9am3pm