Cancellation and Refund Policy

Student Cancellations:

·         Cancel your registration before May 31 and receive a full refund. (note, other years cancelation deadline is May 15. ) Cancel after May 31 2021 and you will be refunded if someone takes your child's spot in the class from the waiting list.

·         Make up days, including days offered for the following year if more convenient to the student or SRSSA, will be offered for any cancellations due to illness or injury after providing SRSSA with a doctor's note.


Inclement Weather Cancellations:

Many classes have a back-up in door lesson plan in the event of inclement weather and SRSSA may choose to offer inside lessons instead of cancellations  Classes may choose to go out in light rain, but will remain inside the Shark River Hills Marina Class room of there is any chance of severe inclement weather. The Director of Youth Programs will advise if Drop Off or Pick Up for any Belmar sailors and science camp students has been moved to the Shark River Hills Marina, 149 S Riverside Drive, Neptune NJ.  Make Up days will be offered for any cancellations of the entire day, therefore refunds are not offered. Makeup days may be offered on weekends including weekends in the month of September, or moved to the following summer depending on what is most convenient to the student and SRSSA staffing.


Active Registration may offer cancellation insurance at an additional cost. Offered during the registration process. It is often called Active Refund.  While not associated with FOBH-SRSSA, it should  be considered.