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Joesph Gribko
Board of Trustees Member

An attorney by trade, Joe has been a sailing enthusiast his whole life, racing sailboats since he moved to the New Jersey Shore including various positions on J105 crews sailing out of several Raritan Bay area yacht clubs. Joe first became involved with SRSSA when his son became a student in the Shark River Discovery Program. He is an active member of FOBH-SRSSA and can often be found making repairs to the sailing dinghies, helping with boat launchings, or driving the safety boat. On most summer weekends, Joe is sailing on the Shark River with his family on one of the organization sailboats.  


Joe has been a New Jersey resident since graduating from Rutgers University Law School more than twenty-five years ago. Before Law School, Joe obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and in Philosophy from the University of Toronto.  Using his science education, he was once an instructor at the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Joe is a Jersey Shore resident who has been serving as a federal prosecutor in New Jersey since 2003.


Joe joined the Board of Trustees for Friends of Belmar Harbour in the autumn of 2019.